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save for
something big.


We got you.

SAWA and its Savings Wheel allow you to automatically save small amounts of money weekly for a big purchase, build healthy savings habits, and create a sense of community with your SAWA pod members. 

Each week, you'll save a small amount of money and get paid out a large lump sum when it's your turn on the wheel for your savings payout. Each member of the wheel gets paid out the full amount of what they have saved on a rotating basis when their turn comes.


Staying current with your savings payments gets you access to the SAWA Marketplace, where you will find benefits such as access to credit building tools like the SAWA Credit Building Card and access to a points system where your SAWA points are redeemable for cash.

Join SAWA today and find that saving money is easier when saving toward a large goal in the company of your community members. We got you.

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Other Platform Features


Your SAWA points are rewards for staying current on your savings payments and using the SAWA app for other healthy savings habits and credit building.  SAWA points are redeemable for cash, and you get points each week you automatically save on SAWA. 

THE SAWA credit building CARD

The SAWA Credit Building Card is an easy way to build your credit through

your automatic savings. 

The money that you save weekly can get paid out onto your SAWA Credit

Building Card, making building credit easier than ever. 

community chat

Your community chat is a place where you can meet your community members, get to know them, talk over what you're loving about the SAWA platform, and share valuable financial insight to your community members.  


"Sawa Sawa in Swahili means all good or no worries. 

Providing underserved borrowers with a community support network and savings tools can dramatically reduce their worries about financial emergencies."


- Charles Phillips, CEO

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