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stronger credit with 
every swipe.

Build your credit and automate your spending goals with our SAWA Card powered by the SAWA Savings Wheel. 


> Only $2.50 per week

> No interest

> No credit check  

Join now to start building your credit

the right way.

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how sawa works

Smiling at Each Other

"This is the best new app I've used.  I've used sawa for six months and it's one of my favorite financial apps i have on my phone.  I've saved over $400 without even noticing that I'm putting money away and i've gotten 5 large payouts.  i cant wait for the credit building card to come out because i need help with my credit"

- iluv2fish, SAWA user since 2023

How is sawa safer?


more about sawa

build credit with ease

Improve your credit score safely with a card that rewards saving

and spending smartly.

set your spending goals

Consistently save for big goals like a home or business with the help of the

SAWA Savings Wheel.

meet your financial family

Join a club that supports and motivates each other towards financial success.  SAWA's got your back. 

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